Article Writing Competition


There are some who think that writing skills are something you’re born with. Could be true to some extent. However what is also true, is that writing skills can always be cultivated. All you need is a mind that is brimming with ideas and an innate desire to express yourself in the form of words. Beyond that, you just need to let your thought take over and let them flow freely. Easier said then done, it only makes sense to follow a certain pattern to make the article and interesting read.

Problem Statement

In article writing competition you should choose any one topic as given below. It should be at least 300 words. At the time of event you’re article should be ready and handover to incharges.


• Advancement of Technology in Modern World
• Swachh Bharat and Public Welfare
• Refugee Crisis
• Women Safety in India: Has anything changed since December 16, 2012.
• Different perspectives on citizenship
• The industrial revolution.

Event Coordinators

• Prof. A. V. Joshi
• Prof. S. P. Nimje

Student Coordinators

• Chamarti Savitri 8600781415
• Chandrakant Hatwar 8657839296

Registration Fees Rs.60 /- per participant.