Quiz Competition


Brainvita is basically a quiz competition. Difficulty level of the competition is going to be high, so all you need is to brush up your intellectual skills and general information about the world as well as presence of mind will play a key role to make you invincible. So be ready to scratch your brain or die thinking…! Not only this, but this event will also check the personal skills in the first screening test. This event is totally related to personal skills of the participants. This would be just like mock interview.


The rounds will be as follows:
1. Screening test.
2. Visual aid test/ Voice recognition.
3. Buzzer Round.
4. Rapid Fire.

Event Coordinators

• Prof. Y. V. Mahantare
• Prof. M. V. Wasekar

Student Coordinators

• Aaditya Kaley 7769030069
• Shoyal Lothe 7709386781

Registration Fees Rs.120 /- per team of two members.